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Equipment Operator

Position Type




Job Description

We are looking for Equipment Operators to join our team, where they will be responsible for controlling the machinery used during the construction process. They are licensed individuals who report to a supervisor or foreman. Equipment operators are skilled in the use of bulldozers, excavators, rollers, trenchers, compactors, and other equipment. Additionally, you may be tasked with other duties as needed. Candidates should possess excellent communication skills, adhere to EPA, OSHA, and local requirements regarding safety and handling hazardous materials. To do well in this role you should be physically fit, punctual, reliable, and be a hard worker in various weather conditions.

Job Duties

  • Ensuring all equipment is maintained and used in accordance with company health and safety regulations.

  • Cleaning, lubricating, and performing regular safety checks on equipment.

  • Ensuring equipment is properly positioned before turning on and off, or loading and unloading it

  • Performing other construction duties as needed

  • Identifying faults and troubleshooting equipment as required

  • Light Traveling for site work

  • Use variety of hand tools to complete necessary work

  • Complete detail-oriented tasks under pressure, during plant shutdowns

  • Preferred 20hrs/week (Flexible)

Required Qualifications

  • 18+ years of age - No Exceptions

  • Driver’s license or transportation to/from work

Preferred Qualifications

  • OSHA 10 Certification

  • OSHA 30 Certification

  • Forklift Operator Training

  • Commercial driver’s license

  • Health Card

Successful Employee Traits

  • Be willing to work as needed

  • Maintain clean and organized work environment

  • Facilitate and maintain communication with other employees efficiently

  • Ability to plan task accordingly with work load

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